Finance Available

If you are self-funding your new campsite or farm diversification project, it would make good business sense to consider spreading the initial outlay cost by using business leasing finance*

We are pleased to partner with some reputable leasing finance providers to offer quick, simple & competitive finance to help you purchase your cabins.  

Business Leasing Finance can be a great way to let your buildings pay for themselves whilst budgeting to spread the cost. No need to wait to breakeven on the cash price, by taking advantage of our competitive finance options you can be making a profit much sooner. 

What is the difference between Lease Rental and Hire Purchase? 

With Lease Rental VAT is payable on each rental To keep the pods (or other log-based structures) supplied by us the Leasing Company will give you the option at the end of the lease term to retain the equipment for one additional payment. Accounting-wise ‐ every rental paid can be treated as a business expense for tax purposes.   

 Hire Purchase – All the VAT on the cost is payable up front with the initial payment. To keep the equipment – an option to purchase fee will be collected with the last payment you make. This is usually in the region of £150.00 plus VAT.  Accounting-wise ‐ Capital allowance on the equipment cost (as if you had paid cash), and tax relief on the interest payable. 

 We would always recommend that you seek your accountant’s advice as to which method is best suited to your business, but both options will allow you to keep your cabin at the end of the agreement and bring you the cash flow savings of asset finance.

 *Finance is subject to status

VAT on Pods

VAT on pods is generally at the standard rate. However, if a pod (usually a particularly long or wide one) can be classified as a “caravan” then the VAT rate can be 5%.